Why I Seek Elected Office

I am deeply distressed by a pervasive political ideology that denigrates those with differing points of view.  I will not be governed by bullies and am now standing up for civil discourse and to nurture respectful cooperation in identifying and addressing issues that affect us all.

Democracy is messy.  If we can not find ways to broaden our points of view and be open to hearing the experiences and concerns of our neighbors and seek ways and means to support each other I fear we will default into chaos.  I can not abdicate an opportunity to participate and contribute to a brighter and more hopeful future outcome.

For five years, and currently, I have been employed as a legal secretary for an attorney practicing property law.  I continue to learn how laws are formed, implemented and can be reformed.

Iexpect that a majority of Montana residents are not aware of the Montana Code Annotated (MCA) which is essentially a large multi volume set of books containing the text of all the laws (statutes) governing our lives in Montana.  These laws were not written and enacted by individuals but rather came into being because issues needing attention were presented to our elected representatives for consideration and resolution.

House District 29 has a population of roughly 10,000 residents living in different environments; farms, ranches, and in towns,

We live in houses, apartments, trailers, group homes, nursing facilities, and some are homeless.  We live alone or with others.  Our access to food and health care may well depend on our source(s) of income.  Some of us are physically challenged while others are psychologically or emotionally suffering.  We work at so many different types of occupations and vocations; some by choice and others by circumstances.  My point is that the complexity and diversity in our legislative district needs representation that takes into view more than a few special interests.

It is important for me to identify specific issues of concern for residents of House District 29 and provide them with accurate information and a network of ongoing support they can count on.

Thirty second sound bites of repeated distortions of our Constitution and a relentless 'battle of the bullies' politics wearies our souls.  In my view it will serve us all to educate ourselves, engage in public conversation, learn how our government works and how our willingness to work with each other for the common good can energize and reshape a collective consent of the governed..


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Today's Candidate for Montana's Future

Dryn Durley

"The complexity and diversity in our legislative district needs representation that takes in to view more than a few special interests."